Last year Shirui Lily Festival witnessed two international Bands Steelheart and Queensryche performing at the ShiRock. If this year, an international band(s) is to be invited again, which band would you want the organisers to bring at ShiRock 2019?

Leave your choices. You can give upto three choices.

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We will share the results shortly before the Shirui Lily Festival 2019

PS: Our website is not a part of the organising team nor are we an official website for the festival. This is just a fan survey to see the public response.

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  1. Smokie is one the best international band in the world. Most of the people prefer smokie band because their songs are too good. Thousands of fans in India are cannot wait to see their live perform at shirock.

  2. I really want Linkin Park to perform but I think the chances are very low.(Who knows they might perform in the near future!)
    Some older bands like Bon Jovi,Rolling Stones,Led Zeppelin,Queen(to mention a few) have more chances..

  3. It’s better not to waste money on calling expensive International bands. Their visit will never ever generate its own expenditure. It’s a complete waste of govt. fund. The fund can be instead utilized in grooming local artists and bands and support them. Last year’s was also flop in terms of fund utilization vs revenue generation. Also, this year, the visitors will even be lesser. The organizers will be the only one benefiting via pocket money made from the fund.

    1. I really like this opinion. There is no problem at all giving platform to upcoming bands. Organizers please ponder deeply

  4. How about MR. BIG? I’m more than sure every music afficianado, irrespective of genres, will enjoy the electrifying solos by Paul Gilbert and Billy Shaheen, not to mention their all-time hit nos…

  5. I hope Everyone here will like to see the king of speed metal and king of thrash metal Dave Mustaine from Megadeth. It’ll be great to have them with us in this small international music festival in ukhrul. As imma fans of Megadeth I know there are big fan base in india. So I hope it’ll attract many fans from the neighboring countries like Indonesians, Philippines, Nepal and who knows maybe even from China. But sadly they’ve scheduled their megacruise tour in Pacific ocean in this coming October. But I think it’ll be possible if the organisers of shirock is brave enough.
    Bands like A7x, Tesla, Cinderella,mr big, dragon Force,dream theater will be awesome to have them.

  6. Aerosmith or bonjovi. I really like any international band but thing is that, when we are not that common with the band, didnt know their song. All we do is jump around following the bit. So it will be better if Shirock bring a band which is well known at our stage.

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